This is one of the most common questions that I get asked by adults who are considering Karate as a form of exercise.  The answer is you’re never too old!  Karate is a great because not only can you get into shape doing it but also, as a new student, you are working at your own level.  You should not feel forced to perform at any certain standard.  If your instructor is competent and in touch with the performance level of the various students in the Dojo, he/she should be able to keep it interesting for everyone, regardless of their level.  Additionally, it can be advantageous for a new student to work with other students, who have been practicing for a while – you can learn form them, and it helps to build camaraderie between students.

One other interesting point to keep in mind is this: staring a new activity as an adult can really help to improve your self confidence!  In my experience working with new students, I find that once the student sheds their insecurities about whether or not anyone is judging them based on their performance, they get a huge boost in their confidence and their skills and abilities improve dramatically.  They work out harder, get into better shape and in turn enjoy the benefits of training even more.  It’s a great cycle of hand work, reward, confidence boosting and back to hard work again.

So, if you’re an adult and you’ve never trained – now is the time!  You will make new friends, learn a new skill, improve your self confidence and have fun!

See you in class,

Sensei Pennell.