Choosing a Gi

White Tiger 16oz. Gi, with traditional drawstring pant.

White Tiger 16oz. Gi, with traditional drawstring pant.






What to look for in your Karate uniform or ‘Gi’.

There are many different manufactures of Gi all over the world.  Prices can vary greatly  depending on quality.  When choosing a Karate Gi, it is important to consider the following:

Quality of Material – You will want to use a 100% cotton Gi.  The material should be heavy enough to withstand prolonged use.  Regular training really puts a Gi to the test, so make sure you are considering a 10 ounce Gi at minimum.  This applies to both youth and adult students.  Anything less than 10oz is of poor quality and will not last very long.  For the more serious student, 16oz Gi is available.

Fit – Most manufacturers will have a variety of sizes available based on your height and weight.  Be sure to understand the manufacturers sizing specifications before you order a Gi.

Style – Not all Gi’s are the same!  Different martial arts use different Gi’s, which adhere to the specific requirement of the art.  For example; Judo Gi’s are made from an extremely heavy cotton.  This is so the Gi can withstand the grabbing and throwing techniques focused on in Judo.  This heavy cotton, while appropriate for the practice of Judo, is not appropriate for Karate.

Tokon America 12oz Gi.

Tokon America 12oz Gi.

Dojo Requirements – Just like any Dojo, Pennell’s Dojo has specific Gi requirements.  They are:

  1. The Gi must be all white. No exceptions.
  2. The Gi must be suitable for Karate training.  Judo Gi’s, for example, are not allowed.
  3. No patches, or decals are permitted.  The only exception here is if you are using the official Pennell’s Dojo patch.

Recommendations – As a life long Karate student, I have been through my fair share of Gi’s.  The dojo sells a small assortment of brands, selected by years and years of trial and error.  It is my opinion that these Gi’s offer the best quality and workmanship for the price.

Beginners and Youth Gi’s.
White tiger 10oz Gi are the best option for beginners and youth students.

  • Bronze (10oz): 80$

White Tiger Gi – White Tiger have a number of products, great for intermediate and advanced students.  I have grown fond of the Gold line and use it almost exclusively.  They are manufactured with the highest quality materials and are extremely durable.

  • Silver (12oz): 114$
  • Gold (16oz): 144$

Tokon – Many martial artists argue that Tokon is the very best Gi.  They have a very established reputation as a world leader in Gi design and manufacturing.

  • America (12oz): 169$

Tokaido – These Gi’s are are considered by some to be the the most ‘traditional’ Gi in existence.  Definitely for the serious student – as they are quite expensive.

  • TAW Med. (10oz): starting at 250$.  (Tokaido GI’s are made custom as per your measurements, as a result the dojo does not stock these items.)

**All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and are subject to change. Delivery charges are extra when applicable.  Taxes extra.

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