I partially remember this famous quote by one of the world’s renowned thinkers… It went something like this, “There is enough information on the internet to confirm or deny any bias.”  For the life of me, I can’t seem to remember who said it.  If you do (fellow readers), please post in the comment section below.  Otherwise, I’ll just Google it later – hehe.  Honestly, when it comes to such broad sweeping statements, the proof really is in the pudding.  Today, while I was casually browsing my Linkedin wall, I came across two stories: There Is No Substitute For Passion – Ruth Zukerman, Flywheel Sports and The Career Myth That Is Hurting Millennials.  In the first, Ruth (Owner of Flywheel Sports) gives us a nice and fluffy recounting of how her business was a success – mainly due to the unwavering passion that she has for what she does (fitness related).  And her employees (some of whom appear in the video) are all but too happy to tell us how Ruth’s passion indeed drives the company towards success.  It’s a really “inspirational” video.  The kind we now see all the time on Youtube, etc.  There is always someone out there trying to inspire us – of course probably really hoping that their video will go viral and drive business.  A reasonable goal of course – and why not?  If it’s a nice, feel good story than why shouldn’t it be shared?  Good for Flywheel.  The second story is one with a slight Devil’s advocate type feel.  Written with more of a “report” type template, the article gives us a bit of a play-by-play about how the Millennials are kind of shooting themselves in the foot because they are spending too much time looking for the “dream” job and not enough time actually “working”.  It goes on to say that real happiness is not found within the confines of instant gratification, but rather with a sense of purpose grown and nurtured out of hard work.  Hmm – I guess I kind of agree with this perspective as well – I mean, hard work does after all guarantee financial and life success doesn’t it? Well, doesn’t it? Hold on, I’ll ask Google – it knows all the answers.  Or MAYBE I shouldn’t ask Google and I should just make up my own bloody mind!  It seems to me that the internet has morphed into some kind of repository for all the answers to life’s philosophical musings.  I mean c’mon – how many of us at some point in our Google life time have Googled things like, “Is there a God?” or “When am I going to die?”.  Hoping that in some small way, the search engine would take us by the hand and lead us through our fears and insecurities like some kind of electronic big brother.  George Orwell would be rolling in his grave!  Do you want to know who the real successful people in this world are?  And no – I’m not just talking about financial success, because believe it or not, money is just not that important to some people.  The people in this world who find true success are those who know what they want – ignore basically everybody else’s opinions (because they really are like assholes – everybody’s got one), and they go out and do whatever they have to do in order to obtain their goals – regardless of what anybody thinks or says.  And you know what?  For some of those people, it will lead to Money (Steve Jobs) and for others it will lead to a life dedicated to spreading peace and love (Gandhi).  Forget asking others what you need to do to fix whatever problems you are having in your life.  Look inside and ask yourself.  You might find yourself afraid of the answer – because it will be from your gut and it will be genuine.  No need to ask Google what you need to do.  Your gut is telling you.  Your biggest challenge will be brushing aside the fears you have, and then going and doing what it takes to make it happen.