If you’re looking to increase your flexibility, improve your cardio-vasular strength, feel good about yourself and have fun – then Pennell’s Karate Dojo is for you!  Canadian Senior Years, a website designed specifically to provide people over 50 with all sorts of great information wrote a great article called, Martial Arts for Seniors? A Fitness Alternative that sites a study released by Dalhousie University in Halifax in which they state that Karate lessons for those over 50 years old can greatly benefit your health.  Specifically, the aging process can be slowed significantly by practicing Karate because it is such great exercise.  Another thing to consider is that Karate training is specifically tailored to your own comfort zone.  You practice at your level and at your own pace.  Another great benefit.  And if that’s not enough to entice you, then just remember that it’s never too late to learn a new skill, make new friends or have fun!

See you at the Dojo,

Sensei Pennell.