Japan – the world’s 4th largest economy.  Canada? 13th.  If you’re an Executive Officer living in Canada’s economic hub, Toronto – then you probably want at least one of (if not both) of the following things: 1.) Your company to compete more efficiently in the global marketplace. 2.) Your executive team to be better negotiators and decision makers.  So with a healthy population of educated, intelligent and savvy workers, why isn’t Canada a larger player in the global market?  Well – most large companies might try to blame this economic factor, or that economic factor but maybe your employees are not meshing well – not reaching their full potential.  If you want to make a change, you’ve got to take responsibility for the problem, weed through all the excuses and get to the root of the issue. The opening line in this blog – about Japan – well, that’s a pretty important fact to consider.  Did you know that many of the leading CEO’s and executives within the Japanese business environment train in martial arts?  Yes – it’s true.  And not only as a matter of national pride.  Training in martial arts – like Karate for example, is a proven way to help build camaraderie between members (read:  your employees.)  Not only can it help to develop professional relations between those who work for you, but Karate training is proven to develop inner focus, confidence (which you need immensely to be a successful business person), and metal awareness.  Karate can literally change your life – if you’re willing to put in the hard work.  Of course, anything worth pursuing is difficult…that’s the point, right?  You ask any people manager if he/she would appreciate employees who were more confident in their abilities, more focused on the task at hand (say a large sales pitch), or more decisive and I bet they would say, ‘YES!’

Unlock the immense potential of your employees – enrol them in Karate!  You’ll be doing yourself a favour.