weight-loss-scaleKarate your way to fitness!

We all find ourselves wanting to lose a little weight from time to time, but what about those of us who really want to get back into shape and lose more than 10 pounds – is Karate a good option?  Well there is good news for those who want to make a significant change in their weight.  Karate is a great way to get back into shape.

Aerobic Exercise

Karate can be an excellent source of Aerobic stimulation.  Many Karate drills and exercises include a healthy dose of aerobic exercise.  A skilled instructor will combine several challenging techniques or exercises to create a workout fit for even the most advanced trainer. Flow sparring can also be a great way to get the blood flowing.  Done properly, you’ll find yourself working up a huge sweat in no time.  If that’s not enough, even traditional Kata can be hugely advantageous to those wanting to drop a few belt sizes.  As an added benefit, your trainer can tailor your training to suit your needs.  As your body begins to respond to the exercises, your instructor can increase the difficulty and keep things interesting.  Plus it’s fun – way more fun than running endlessly on a treadmill.

Resistance Training

So you’re the weight you’ve always wanted to be – but now you want to either tone up a bit, or perhaps build some muscle?  Can Karate help with this?  Yes it can!  Many exercises practiced in Karate involve the legs, arms and most importantly the core muscles including your abs.  Core strength exercises can be found throughout Karate.  Those who practice regularly and hard can see the benefits quite quickly including more toned muscles, greater core strength and more muscle mass.  This is all assuming or course that you are eating a proper diet.

Mind Over Matter

Maintaining a healthy weight requires a permanent lifestyle change.  Temporary diets are just that – temporary.  An important aspect of weight loss that is commonly overlooked is the phycological challenge that must be overcome.  Many people underestimate this and find themselves caught in an endless loop of diet, weight gain and diet once more.  Karate teaches us proper mental conditioning, which allows us to facilitate the long term changes necessary for successful lifestyle management.  These mental requirements can be sharpened through proper relaxation techniques, etc.

So what are you waiting for?  Come check out Pennell’s Dojo and start getting back into shape for life!