Dojo prep continues!

Konichiwa, students!

The new Niagara St. Dojo preparations are coming along nicely!  The Dojo will have a great tatami sport foam floor.  This will provide a durable and safe surface for us to practice our techniques.

The response so far on the site has been great!  Some people have been asking if the Dojo will be opening early.  Due to preparation requirements, classes are still slated to begin on June 3rd.

Karate Dojo registration forms are now all online and can be downloaded.  Please make sure to complete the liability waiver in conjunction with the registration form – and please also review the dojo’s rules and regulations.


Sensei Pennell.

Pennell’s Karate Dojo – GI Emblem

Emblem - Pennell's Karate Dojo.
Emblem – Pennell’s Karate Dojo

Emblem – Pennell’s Karate Dojo

Pennell’s Dojo is rooted in hundreds of years of Okinawan martial arts history.  The specific ‘style’ of Okinawan Karate that we study is known as  Matsubayashi Ryu.  Matsubayashi is one of three styles of Shorin Ryu Karate, which originally found its way to Japan from China.  The word “Matsu bayashi” is the Okinawan pronunciation for the Characters “Pine” and “Forest”.  The term is meant to suggest the natural movement of the style in terms of our techniques.  The two Japanese characters (in red) are the Japanese ideograms for the term “Pine Forest”.  The upper character being “Pine” and the lower character being “Forest”.  The image of the tree further supports the fundamental believe in the body (and minds) powerful abilities that can be found in our most natural state.  The yellow border is similar to the border found on the emblem representing the Shorin-Ryu organization, there-by paying respect to Shorin-Ryu as the fundamental style of Pennell’s Dojo.

Sensei Ota

Konbon wa, students!

Great news!  Sensei Ota will be visiting Canada in May.  This is a great opportunity for me to learn the latest advancements in our art, so that I can pass the knowledge on to you.  I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Sensei Ota many years ago, through my Sensei.  You may be wondering who Sensei Ota is.  Well, you can find out a little bit about him here.

Sensei Pennell.

Important information added!

Konbon wa, students.

There have been a number of important sources of information added to the website.  After many requests,  I have added a Karate Belt Ranking chart which displays all the different belt colours and names, etc.

But remember, belt colours are not all that important.  Practicing Karate is not a race against anyone.  Your only goal is to better yourself and challenge yourself to train harder and improve your skills!  Remember, those who practiced martial arts centuries ago didn’t even wear belts.  It was not considered important.

I have also taken the liberty of adding a page which includes some common Japanese Karate phrases – many of which we use around the dojo.  Soon, I will be adding the terminology we use to describe specific techniques, e.g., chudan tsuki (middle punch).

In training,

Sensei Jason.

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