Membership Info Posted

FYI students, membership information and class times are now being uploaded onto the new the Dojo website.  Stay tuned for more information.

Oh – and I spoke with our Dojo affiliate in Whitby.  Sensei Ota will be visiting from California in May.  I look forward to training with him and picking up some new tidbits of information to pass on to you.  I will upload pictures as soon as I get them!

Happy training,

Sensei Pennell.

Pennell’s Dojo – Niagara St.

Great news!

Pennell’s Karate dojo will be coming to Niagara St.! (King and Niagara).  We will be located at 180 Niagara St., on the main floor.  The building offers a perfect wide open space – ideal for practicing our techniques.  Stay tuned for some pictures, as the space is being prepared.

Sensei Pennell.

Where the tradition of Karate continues to grow.