Tuifa - Traditional Japanese weapon.

Tuifa – Traditional Japanese weapon.





The Benefits of Training – Adults

According to experts – we (adults) don’t get enough exercise.  Not only do we not get enough exercise, we don’t often give our brains a moment to ‘release stress’.  Think about it – between work, relationships, kids and other priorities, our day can easily become a simple matter of managing stress.  As we get older, stress (and of course lack of proper exercise) can lead to an unhappy lifestyle, as well as a host of other, very real health related problems.

Martial arts provides an opportunity for us to focus on our own health and development.  It’s a well know fact that physical exercise is an excellent way to release stress while simultaneously developing our physical physique.  Many experts recommend at least 1hr of physical exercise per day but unfortunately many of us do not meet this requirement – and this is where Karate training provides tremendous value.  You benefit from lowered stress levels, physical exercise and it’s fun!

Students who commit themselves to training will find that Karate has a tremendously positive impact on their lives.  Imagine – improved physical and mental health.  The rewards are certainly attractive.

Weight Loss

Coupled with a  proper diet, Karate training can provide a healthy way to naturally accelerate weight loss through cardiovascular exercise.  The fact that Karate training by nature is dynamic and fun, makes it a much more attractive option than running endlessly on the treadmill.

Making New Friends

Lets face it – as an adult, it can be difficult to make new friends.  Where do you go to meet like-minded people?  Karate training puts you in touch with positive people and a positive, safe atmosphere.  You are sure to make new friends!

Something To Be Proud Of

Your training is a very personal thing.  You will work hard and as a result you will see the physical and mental benefits.  Your successes will be yours for a lifetime.  A dedicated student is a proud human being – and it shows.

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